Startup program of Pošta Slovenije


operation and use of the largest physical and IT infrastructure as a unique environment for the development and testing of new services and solutions

Physical infrastructure

  • A modern fleet
  • Optimal process management
  • Daytime and night time distribution
  • Packaging and warehouse logistics
  • Customs clearance services
  • Cross dock (transhipment) services
  • Road, air and maritime transport
  • Collective transport

IT infrastructure

  • State-of-the-art data centers (DCaaS – DataCenter as a Service)
  • Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Different IT platforms
  • E-substitution (e-delivery, digitization, e-archiving)
  • Security services
  • Rental of hardware and software
  • Pay-as-you-grow

employees in post offices

pieces of IT equipment

means of transport

communication hubes

postal counters

km of communication links

mio services / year

physical / virtual servers


ambitious domestic and foreign startup teams and companies for the development of innovative solutions and services in the key strategic areas of the Pošta Slovenije Group

  • New business models
  • New and disruptive technologies
  • Better user experience
  • Sharing economy
  • Big Data, IoT, M2M, AI
  • Digital transformation

Delivery optimization

We are looking for innovations in the field of parcel acceptance (first mile) and parcel delivery (last mile), alternative forms of delivery and alternative approaches to business and process implementation (eg self-propelled vehicles, crowdsourcing, etc.).


Smart logistics

We are looking for innovations in the field of smart and sustainable logistics with an emphasis on innovative logistic solutions that represent the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies into existing and potential new logistics and postal services, with the aim of speeding up, automating, reducing costs, improving user experience etc.


We are looking for innovations in the field of modern information solutions, which primarily relate to e-commerce and include new technologies (e.g. blockchain) and new business models, and are based on the principles of digital transformation.


our knowledge, infrastructure and other resources as a unique environment for the purpose of research, development and innovation, while also financing the detected and proven innovative potentials

Knowledge and connections

We provide access to domain knowledge in the field of logistics, delivery and information technologies, as well as the possibility of local and global networking with professional, educational, research and other stakeholders (e.g. postal operators, IT providers, universities, research institutions, etc.).

Physical infrastructure

We offer the possibility to carry out development, research and innovation activities on a large physical infrastructure, which includes a fleet with various vehicles, logistics centers, a post office network in Slovenia, a daily personal presence at almost all Slovenian households, etc.

IT infrastructure

We offer the possibility of using information infrastructure with the largest virtualized environment in Slovenia, modern data centers and various platforms … all for the needs of development, testing and implementation of digital solutions and services.

Investments and financing

We offer the possibility of gradual or phase financing of startups in the process of efficient, lean and agile innovation and development of solutions as well as the possibility of financial investment in innovative solutions with proven potential.


POSTARTUP of the Pošta Slovenije Group, which includes professionally qualified individuals for various fields and for working with startups, is ready for collaboration

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